Lake Delhi Recreation Association

Lake Delhi was created in the 1920’s by the construction of a hydroelectric dam on the Maquoketa River. Since that time the Lake Delhi area has grown to be the weekend retreat or home to over 900 residents. The Lake Delhi Recreation Association was formed in 1973.  Since 1973, the LDRA has played an active role in Lake Delhi supporting recreation areas such as Lost Beach, North Beach, water quality efforts, dredging, sponsored fish stocking, and represented the lake residents’ interests whenever needed.

Since 1989, Lake Delhi property owners pay a property assessment in the Benefited Lake Taxing District to provide funds for the annual maintenance of the Lake Delhi Dam and Dredging. These funds, along with, donations and grants have been used to repair the dam and dredge Lake Delhi. The benefited tax district funds are administered by the tax district trustees.

In 1973 the Lake Delhi Recreation Association, Inc was formed and purchased the hydroelectric dam that existed at that time. When the association determined that donations alone would not be enough to run the organization and operate the dam, they began to sell memberships. The one time $100 membership to the LDRA is still in place today. We ask that lake residents join the LDRA to support the operations of the dam, water quality, repayment of dredge loans and continued operations and communications of the organization.

Please consider joining the LDRA today if you are not a member. This membership entitles you to a vote at the LDRA annual meeting, communications from the LDRA and the ability to support a place that we all love. Please print out a copy of our membership application and return with your $100 today.

At the August 2012 Annual Meeting of the Lake Delhi Recreation Association it was voted unanimously by the Board of Directors to elect all
Board positions in the future At-Large for 2 year staggered terms. The LDRA Board will also become a Board of seven members, through attrition by August 2013. The following are your current LDRA Board Members:

President:  Kelly McManus

Vice President: Greg Dardis

Treasurer:  Dan Reyner

Secretary: Eric Strief

Trustee Liason: Dan Reyner


Lake Areas:

Little Chicago Greenslade’s
Willie’s Second
Willie’s First Bahndorf’s First
The Cedars
Logan’s Second
Petlon Camp
Logan’s Third
Briar Cliff Second
Briar Cliff
Logan’s First
McKeeby’s Camp North
Maples Resort
McKeeby’s South
Schneider’s Camp
Nola Schmidt Camp
Clair View Acres
Turtle Creek Camp South
Kohli Acres
Turtle Creek Camp County Park
Theide Area Cedar Acres
Wellman’s Camp
Linden Acres
Turtle Creek Heights West
Camp-O Delhi
Hartwick Lake Club North
Hartwick Lake Club West
Furman’s Addition
Hartwick Point
Hickory Hollow
H L C Deer Run
H L C South
Connelly River View Addition
AJ Schmidt Addition
Keith’s Forest
Hawkers Area
First Camp


The Lake Delhi Recreation Association wants to hear from you.

Mailing Address:

Lake Delhi Recreation Association, Inc.
PO Box 67
Delhi, IA 52223-0067

Send us an email: lakedelhirec@gmail.com — Please put in the Subject Line: “LDRA” and the topic you are sending a message about.