About Us

The Lake Delhi Combined Recreational Facilty and Water Quality District is the public entity that represents the property owners within the lake taxing district.

The District has a Trustee Board consisting of 7 people.  These 7 Trustee positions are publically elected through an election process that is administered and overseen by Delaware County.   Click on Contact Us link to view a list of the current 7 District Trustees


Regular monthly scheduled Trustee meetings are held, generally in Delhi, Iowa, open to the public, as well as special meetings, also open to the public, are scheduled from time to time.  Minutes of every meeting are posted and archived on this website, and advance notice of each meeting is publically posted according to the rules/regulations for Iowa governmental public entities.

The Lake Delhi Trustees also publish a newsletter, called the Lake Delhi VOICE, that is sent out every 1-2 months, and these are posted and archived on this website.  If you wish to have the VOICE sent to you proactively, you can request to be put on the Trustee Emailing list by sending an email to LakeDelhiTrustees@LakeDelhi.org.

If you have any questions or comments/ideas or feedback for the Trustees, you can also send an email to LakeDelhiTrustees@LakeDelhi.org.