Water Quality Team

The Maquoketa River/Lake Delhi Water Quality Team (WQT) is a group of people living on the Maquoketa River that are interested in the quality of the water in and around the Lake Delhi area. This effort includes testing of the water quality on the lake it self, beaches, head waters, and all coves. The water quality team members perform both Bacterial and stip testing for PH, DISSOLVED 0XYGEN, NITRITE-N, NITRATE-N, PHOSPHATE, CHLORIDE, WATER TEMPERATURE and TRANSPARENCY. Bacterial testing is performed every other week, at key areas from May thru September. All other testing is done at various times on the lake and forwarded to the Iowa DNR.

In addition the WQT makes available to LDRA members $500.00 water erosion grants, and $50.00 Septic Tank pump out grants. Number of grants offered are controlled by available funding. Information and forms can be found on the LDRA website (lakedelhi.com).

The WQT meets every second Thursday of each month at the LDRA building located by the lake dam, at 6:30 PM. For further information contact Lou Christiansen at 563-922-2345.