Trustee Policy Handbook

Trustee Operating Policy Handbook
The following are Operating Policies, Resolutions, and Procedures adopted by the District Trustees or are part of State Law guidelines for the Lake Delhi District as a 357E in Iowa State Code.  Items in RED indicate that a new policy/procedure/resolution has been adopted, but waiting to link the actual supporting document.

Iowa State Code Chapter 357E – Iowa Recreational Lake and Water Quality Districts

Policy for Organization of Trustees and Election of Officers – adopted 9/20/2012

Duties of President – adopted 9/20/2012

President Term Limit of 3 Years – adopted 9/21/17

Authority to Spend up to $5,000 for Dam and Lake Replacement by President/Treasurer without Trustee Vote – adopted 12/19/2011

Maquoketa River Watershed Management Authority Primary and Alternate Voting Representatives – adopted 9/21/17