Reference Documents

Your Lake and YOU Guide

Lake Delhi Dam Emergency Action Plan (Approved and Signed copy)

Iowa Boating Handbook – Laws and Responsibilities

DNR Boating/Boater Information Website:

Lake Delhi 2016 Grand Re-opening Ceremony Images

DNR/Army Corps of Engineers Shoreline Improvement/Enhancement ‘Joint Application’ Permit Forms and Information

IDNR Shoreline erosion protection and retaining wall standards

Zebra Mussels and Invasive Aquatic Species Information from the DNR

Lake Bed Preparation Map and Plan prior to refilling

Lake Delhi Dock Permitting Process Information

Lake Delhi Flood Plain Permit – Boat Dock Dredging, Sand, and Silt Removal

IDNR Dam Construction Permit

Lake Delhi Dam Operations Plan/Manual Approved by IDNR

Construction Ground Breaking Ceremony Flyer

MOA Agreement Signed/Approved for Transfer of LDRA Property to the Lake Delhi Combined Recreational and Water Quality District

FEMA 2010 Disengagement Letter 8/28/13

Fish Ladder Variance Letter

Public Access Plan

Lakebed Plant Management Suggestions and Information from Iowa DNR

Lake Delhi Neighborhoods Map