Minutes – Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District
Regular Meeting
Thursday, October 19, 2017
6:30 pm
Lake Delhi Trustees Administration Building
Delhi, IA
The regular meeting of The Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District was called to order by President Steve Leonard at 6:32 pm.
Trustees present: Leonard, Kramer, Gifford, Havertape, Staeblell, Herman, Burger (by phone)
Trustees absent: None
Visitors: Dan Reyner, Ed Schmidt, Chloe Colgan, Marcheta Cooey-Lux, Bill Lux, Pat Colgan, Doug Camp, Lisa Camp
Recording secretary: Shelley Kallenbach
Leonard read the agenda with modifications to agenda item #7 in that Pat Colgan would present possible action on a proposal from Stanley Engineering regarding the replacement of riprap below the dam and the annual inspection. Herman motioned to approve the agenda as read with modifications, Havertape seconded, motion approved.
Gifford motioned to approve the September meeting minutes, Herman seconded, motion approved.
Kramer read the claims for payments. Claims in the amount of $30,471.72 for electricity, dam operations, printer maintenance, doors and windows for the Scada office, fencing, lobbyist expense, generator fuel, smoke/CO alarms, legal services, bond registrar fees, internet and phone service, and dam supplies were presented from the General Fund. Claims in the amount of $221,728.58 for the GO bond principal and interest payment were presented from the Debt Service Fund. Havertape motioned to approve the claims for payments as read, Staebell seconded, motion approved.
Kramer read the financial reports. The General Fund had revenues of $92,550.50 from Delaware County and interest and expenditures of $63,825.59, ending September at $1,875,792.19. The Debt Service Fund had revenues of $162,253.67 from Delaware County and no expenditures, ending September at $252,907.96. The Dam Improvement Fund remains at $10,000. Staebell motioned to receive and file the financial reports, Herman seconded, motion approved.
The Board considered possible action on a donation request from the LDRA for the LDRA dredge debt. Dan Reyner presented a request for $22,588.17 for the December 1st payment and requested that the Board consider paying the loan down due to upcoming balloon payments. The loan has an interest rate of 3.26% and a maturity date of June 1, 2026. The future balloon payments were reviewed. Kramer motioned to donate the $22,588.17 to the LDRA for the December payment, Gifford seconded, motion approved. Consideration of future payment plans was marked for review at the work session.
The Board considered possible action on a proposal from Stanley Engineering regarding the replacement of the riprap below the dam as well as the annual inspection. Pat Colgan presented the proposal for Bill Holman of Stanley Engineering.
The flood of September 2016 did significant damage to the downstream riprap, which has been moved to the bank but not replaced along the shore. FEMA has been involved and there is the possibility that some of the costs to replace this riprap may be reimbursable from FEMA, though requests remain pending. FEMA reimbursements depend on biding and hiring. Stanley Engineering’s proposal to bid out the riprap replacement would be $8,500 and would provide new record drawings of the dam as it may be modified based on the design fixes. There are concerns about hiring Stanley for the project as that would endanger FEMA reimbursement without a selection process. Staebell motioned to approve using Stanley Engineering for drawing the documents for the riprap mitigation at a cost not to exceed $8,500, Gifford seconded. This is with the understanding that Stanley Engineering will be the cheapest option because they built the dam, have the expertise, have the required data necessary to design this project, and other engineers would not have the applicable history, expertise, or knowledge and data required. Motion approved.
Kramer motioned to post publication for bids for the riprap replacement using whatever due diligence is required, Herman seconded, motion approved.
Colgan continued that the first DNR annual inspection is scheduled for October 27th. This inspection is required by our operating permit with the DNR. The inspection in part looks for defects in the dam after one year of operation. The first half on the inspection will be for Bill Holman to go through 7 criteria for a technical assessment with John Garton, and then discuss the operation of the dam. Stanley Engineering performs the inspection while the state observes to see that it is completed. Stanley’s participation and formal report submission will cost up to $4,500. Motion to approve supplemental agreement not to exceed $4,500 made by Herman, seconded by Gifford, motion approved.
The Board considered possible action on quotes for a heating/cooling system for the Scada office. Multiple quotes were received, including: DelCo for $5,350.00, one from Next Generation for $3,757.77 for a 1.5 ton unit, one from Next Generation for $3,936.53 for a 2 ton unit, and two from Meyer Mechanical for $6,852.00 for a 2 ton unit and $4,756.00 for a 1.5 ton unit. Gifford motioned to go ahead with the Next Generation quote for a 1.5 ton unit for $3,757.77, Staebell seconded. Herman has had good experience with Next Generation in the past. Motion approved.
The Board considered possible action on the Cedar Cove request for repayment for siltation basin work. The easement negotiations are still in progress. Gifford motioned to make payment to Cedar Cove based on the originally agreed-upon dollar amount of 80% of $50,000, or $40,000, Havertape seconded.
Discussion opened. Concerns about the depth of 6 feet instead of the agreed-upon 8-10 feet were expressed. There is a concrete beam across the mouth of the sediment area four feet below water surface. Adding 2 feet of concrete block to that area would allow the sediment trap to go several more years before requiring a clean out. This would require signage for boats entering the sediment trap area, but the people who did the sediment trap would not want to complete additional work without being paid for the existing work done. The sediment trap was dug down until it hit gravel at the bottom. Interest in giving 12 months to add 2 feet of concrete block was expressed. Dan Reyner stated that approximately 11,000 square feet of siltation was removed from the sediment trap and Cedar Cove. Reyner also expressed concerns that only Leonard visited the dredge site during construction. Leonard states that this was during the build phase of the dam and that he sees the overall big picture of this sediment trap and the value it has added to the community for less than the Board would have been able to obtain in other ways. Leonard feels that it is a sediment trap first and any recreational benefit is secondary. Kramer stated that her main concern is that the Board agreed to do this project in 2015 and her concerns about the effectiveness of the basin are resolved with the addition of the 2 feet of concrete block. Burger was concerned about the change in the residents’ contributions and the differences in the depth of the cove versus the original proposal. The existing motion is for payment of $40,000 once the easement is approved. Language allowing for the insertion of a 2 foot concrete barrier to be added to the sediment trap was recommended to Herman for addition to the easement negotiations.
Votes entered:
Havertape: Yes
Staebell: No
Herman: No
Gifford: Yes
Leonard: Yes
Kramer: Yes
Burger: No
Motion carried.
The Board heard committee updates.
Beach Maintenance:
Things are slowing down for the fall. No invoices from the port-a-potties have been received yet. There is a need to discuss hiring someone for overall beach maintenance.
Lake Recreational Maintenance Issues:
There was some damage to the Lost Beach area near the jetty with the recent heavy rain. The business owner has not completed his project yet.
Dredge Committee:
An email will be going out to evaluate all data received from Stanley regarding the dredge site.
Dam Operations:
The hope was for the dam to be automatic and the gates have not needed to open since July. A full lake has been maintained. The gates do not need to open often but will still be exercised periodically. There was a good meeting regarding fire department access on the south side of the dam.
Water Quality:
There is a Watershed Authority meeting next Tuesday.
Funding/Finance: No updates
Legislative: No updates
Community Fund and Wall of Recognition:
A vision for the area just south of the spillway where the concrete pad opens up to fencing is to turn this area into a wall of recognition area. Private funding is available to turn this idea into a nice destination area for people to picnic, walk, and enjoy the views. Gifford brought a design concept for the Board to view. The Board expressed interest in pursuing this as an option.
Policy and Procedure Handbook: No updates
Confirmation of Committee Heads:
The Board will be working on having the head of committees notify Kramer of any information they have to share at monthly meetings and also confirming that the committees have met.
There will be a meeting at 7:00 pm at Bulicek’s Landing. Parties interested in joining the Celebration Committee for next year are invited to attend. An email blast will be sent in a few days to invite the community.
The floor was opened to public comment.
Dan Reyner asked about the fish stocking. It is ongoing and there is one more year planned with the DNR for another season of fish stocking next year. Dan Reyner also asked for clarification of the LDRA responsibilities and function going forward. This was added to the work session discussion plan.
Staebell motioned to adjourn, Kramer seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:39 pm.

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