Lake Delhi Trustee Notice

Lake Trustee Notice:

March 22, 2019

Residents of Lake Delhi,

At the March meeting held 3/21/19, the Trustees met and discussed planning and strategies to address recent Ice Damage on the Lake. Please read carefully as help and assistance will be needed to return the lake to a safe recreational environment.

Safety is a prime concern, be aware that several items are in the navigable portion of the river. Please be advised that extreme caution is needed when you are boating any portion of the lake until assessment and removal takes place.

  1. Damage Inventory: We are requesting everyone who has lost items (Docks, Lifts) to report the items to the Trustees. This is very important for us to understand the magnitude needed to locate and remove. Please send the following information to Laurie Kramer:  or phone 563-920-9863
    1. Name & Address
    2. Phone & Email
    3. Description of loss (Docks, Lifts or both) and number. (1 or multiple)
      1. Loss defined as gone from shore 100 feet and in lake bed.
  1. Locating: The Delhi Fire Department will be on the Lake at different times starting immediately to sonar and locate items as best they can with equipment they own and operate. They will be reporting to the Trustees information to assist in next steps.   This effort may continue for several weeks.  The Trustees wish to thank the Delhi FD for their amazing assistance during this effort.  If residents are on the lake and locate or see items, please tie rope and milk jug or another floating item to mark and contact Trustees at above email. Any help that residents can assist with will get us to our goal faster.
  1. Removal / Recovery: Many residents may want to proceed with recovery of their items. This is encouraged, if it can be done safely. If you report lost items as mentioned above, please alert us if you locate and remove from the lake, as we will need to keep track as best, we can.
  1. Once the sonar process been completed, the Trustees will explore options for removal of the remaining items in the recreational areas of the Lake.

 Current oversight and action by the Trustees is to assure immediate response and progress on this challenging effort. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or comments please contact the trustees at email address or call President Dan Staebell 563.927.1414

The Trustees have scheduled a special meeting to be held April 1 @ 6 PM, Lake Delhi Trustee office, 210 South St., Delhi to assess and proceed with next steps.


Lake Delhi Trustees

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