Minutes – March 16, 2017

The Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District

Thursday, March 16, 2017

6:30 pm

Lake Delhi Trustees Administration Building

Delhi, IA


The regular meeting of the Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District was called to order at 6:30 pm by President Steve Leonard

Trustees present: Leonard, Kramer, Burger, Colgan (Skype), Herman (phone)

Trustees absent: Havertape, Gifford

Visitors: Gordon Anderson, Pat Anderson, Larry Aschbrenner, Ed Schmidt, Jason Wenger

Recording secretary: Shelley Kallenbach

Motion to approve the meeting agenda as read was made by Burger, seconded by Kramer, motion approved.

Motion to approve the March 2nd, 2017 and March 9, 2017 meeting minutes made by Burger, seconded by Colgan, motion approved.

Kramer presented claims for payment. Claims for payment in the amount of $10,793.30 from the General Fund for electricity, dam operation services, printer maintenance, lobbyist expense, and legal fees were presented. It was clarified that the claim for legal fees includes those invoices received and there continues to be some inconsistencies in the outstanding amount due that is still being clarified between the Board and the legal firm. Burger motioned to approve the claims for payment as read, Colgan seconded, motion approved.

Kramer presented the financial reports. The General Fund had revenues of $6,526.65 from Delaware County and expenditures of $2,875, ending February at $272,384.80. The Debt Service Fund had revenues of $12,232.41 from Delaware County and no expenditures, ending February at $202,218.07. The Dam/Spillway Project Fund had interest revenue of $1,309.02 and no expenditures, ending February at $1,603,925.64. At some point this year the intent is to combine the Dam/Spillway Project Fund and the General Fund. Herman motioned to receive and file the financial reports as read, Burger seconded, motion approved.

The Board considered possible action on the amendment to the previously entered agreement with Rocky Nook regarding dock and lift placement. Historically, the District made a transactional deal with the Rocky Nook Association (RNA) to receive property downstream and upstream of the lake for the dam build. Part of the agreement required that the District would allow the RNA to place as many boat docks and lifts as the DNR would allow in the property minus the easements already existent on the property. The District has been in negotiations with the RNA to create a final written agreement regarding the property, and an agreement regarding the dock and lift placement has been reached. The DNR, RNA, and now the District tonight would all approve of this agreement. The agreement fulfills the boat dock/lift requirements and allows the RNA to begin ordering docks and lifts. It also creates a permitting process with the DNR for those docks and lifts. The DNR will inspect and maintain these docks and lifts. There will also be a walkway from the portage ramp through the length toward the spillway. One area will have multiple docks and boat lifts like a marina. The DNR has required the RNA to place rock material underneath the platform to prevent erosion and washout. Kramer motioned to approve and sign the agreement, Burger seconded. All parties involved in the agreement process were commended and thanked. Motion approved.

The Board considered possible action on an annual service agreement with Rotork for the mechanical gate equipment. This is in regard to the automatic gate lifts that maintain lake level in the event that water flows exceed the labyrinth spillway control. Rotork was the subcontractor for Lunda Construction in Phase 1 responsible for this equipment. Each gate has an actuator responsible for transitioning electrical signals from the PLC monitoring lake level into mechanical lift of the gates. This agreement is for Rotork to annual inspect all 9 pieces associated with this process. After each inspection the warranty on all associated parts is extended by one year. Colgan expressed that these are some of the most important pieces of equipment on the dam and they should be maintained to prevent having gates that will not lift in the event of a flood. Burger motioned to approve the annual service agreement in the amount of $3,700 a year, Kramer seconded, motion approved.

The Board heard committee updates.

The Beach Maintenance Committee states that Randy Rattenborg hopes to get out to survey the property lines on North Beach as soon as weather allows. Also, a contractor was approved for Lost Beach work.

The Lake Recreational Maintenance and Dredge Committees had no updates.

The Dam Operations Committee states that river flows remain in the labyrinth spillway’s capacity so the floodgates are currently shut. Operations remain normal and have had a successful first winter of operations.

The Water Quality Committee states that more entities have signed on to the Maquoketa Valley Water Quality initiative and includes to go well.

The Funding/Finance Committee states that the Board-approved budget was certified by the county.

The Legislative Committee states that the resolution to change the bond refinancing law to allow the District to refinance bond interest in the future passed through committee and now will go to the Senate floor next week.

The floor was opened for public comment.

Larry Aschbrenner asked if the District is aware of the full area allowed by the DNR for Rocky Nook. It was clarified that the RNA per the original agreement had access to all district-owned property from the spillway down to property owners’ easements on the former Nook property excluding the portage ramp. This agreement now defines it in new/more detail so that the Rocky Nook can move forward to maximize the boat and lift space in a defined area that the District, RNA, and DNR is comfortable with. The DNR will continue to be the going forward entity that will monitor the installed dock/lift system by the RNA. If any future changes are required by the DNR, the DNR will communicate to the District and/or the RNA.

Larry Aschbrenner asked when the agreement with Rotork will go into effect and whether it will cover the existing issues with Gate 2. The agreement begins this summer. Gate 2 is completely functional but is currently leaking oil for unknown reasons. Spare parts will be used to repair the gearbox in Milwaukee, and if this does not resolve the problem it will be a contractual issue with the dam rebuild contractors. This should be resolved prior to the beginning of the Rotork inspection contract. The contract will be for maintenance and warranty extension purposes.

A visitor asked how many boat dock and lift spaces were previously available at Rocky Nook. The exact number was unknown.

It was confirmed that individual conversations with easement property owners are ongoing and any easement property owner with questions or concerns can contact Leonard directly to discuss.

Larry Aschbrenner reminded the Board of the upcoming guest bartender celebration at the Pizza Place beginning at noon on Sunday, with tips going to future dredge efforts on Lake Delhi.

Burger motioned to adjourn, Kramer seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 7:01 pm.

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