Trustee Work Session – August 22, 2017

The Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District

Board of Trustees Planning Session Summary

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

What is the purpose of the Trustees?

Own and safely operate and maintain the dam structure, land and adjacent facilities

Set policy and organize maintenance for the entire lake area

Set policy for water quality and recreation

Collect and responsibly allocate tax dollar

Represent the interests of lake residents


Priorities for the next 1-3 years

  1. Water quality management (led by Doug with help from Bill) (6 votes)


Health factors

  • Trustee’s primary role is to monitor health issues and notify lake residents – actual water quality monitoring is the responsibility of others (DNR)
  • Monitor runoff levels
  • Participate in Water Management Authority
  • Septic systems – support the County Health Dept with communications to lake residents


Sediment Control

  • Address prevention – outline the major runoff problem areas in watershed
  • Explore feasibility for sediment traps
  • Seek Delaware County enforcement of storm water management policies
  • Address construction issues along the lake (sediment fences – County enforcement)


  1. Dredge – extraction (Larry, Dan and Steve) (5 votes)

Contract for a feasibility study

  • Dredge vs. silt traps
  • Analyze preventive vs. reactive

Outline funding and timing

  • Review needed dredge site upgrades
  • Determine the location of a potential siltation basin and cost
  • Plan for ongoing maintenance of dredge site

Kick off with a work session


  1. Lake Community Quality of Life and Events (4 votes)


Role of the Trustees

  • Set up separate committees for the events and seek volunteers to lead events
  • Sign off on any event on Trustee land
  • Add events to Trustee website
  • Help communicate and promote events
  • Arrange for regular updates to the Trustees
  • Prepare a disclaimer to communicate to lake residents that the events are privately funded and not being organized by the Trustees


  1. Community Fund to Rebuild Lake Delhi (Laurie, Steve and Todd) (4 votes)
  • Need to close account with the Greater Dubuque Foundation by end of 2017 and transfer funds to the Trustee account
  • Establish an ad hoc committee to explore options for creating a 501 (c)(3) or using an existing non-profit or charitable entity


  1. District-owned properties (4 votes)

Priority properties


Lost Beach –(Larry and Dan)

  • Need to address parking, flooding, legal easement, maintenance, garbage collection and solid waste, landscaping, and development behind the beach
  • Pursue collaboration with neighbors


Land and office in the dam area (Laurie and Pat)

  • Maintenance, security, heating/AC, better doors
  • Canoe portage, drainage and rip rap


Dam structure – dam maintenance team (Pat)

  • 24/7 surveillance, daily observation, maintain mechanical and electrical equipment, manage service agreements, monitor diesel generators (10-year life)


Dredge pit – (Steve and Doug)

  • Update site and prepare for use
  • Address administrative and legal issues
  • Make sure to have access rights via truck to remove sediment – separate road and County road
  • Update agreements with land owners
  • Assess insurance needs



North Beach – (Steve, Doug and Maggie Burger)

  • Resolve legal issues with ownership – new survey
  • Outline future use options and expenses
  • Ties closely with dredge project – need dredge to access beach


Frontage – (Doug and Steve)

  • Use Delaware County auditor maps to determine all sites owned by district
  • Determine what land is being crossed without easements
  • Consider keeping some frontage or easements if land is sold
  • South of Bailey’s Ford area included in this category


Rocky Nook – (Steve)

  • All site prep is complete and surveys finished
  • Consider site improvements for recreational use – Trustees will review any proposal
  • One boat lift and U-shaped docks will be for Trustees



  1. Cash Reserve and Risk Assessment (Finance Committee to lead – Larry and Laurie) (3 votes)
  • Approve a policy to create and maintain a cash reserve of 20%-25% of the annual budget with unobligated funds
  • Consider reducing the spending limit that does not require Trustee approval – currently $5,000
  • Conduct a risk assessment session. Outline what can go wrong, the probability and the price tag (Todd will lead)
  • Develop a policies and procedures handbook (Todd offered to begin work on this)



Other items


Dam Operations Team (recommendations from Pat)

  • Build a reserve of 3% – 5% of the dam construction cost
  • Start with $100,00 of unspent funds
  • Add $40,000 per year for 10 years
  • Goal is $500,000 in reserve
  • Trustees can adjust over time
  • Longer-term – consider hiring a dam manager


Wall of Recognition – (Steve)

  • Rendering complete
  • Wall will be on Trustee land
  • Final proposal will be brought to the board


Safety Team (Note: no one volunteered to take lead or make contacts)

  • Prepare an emergency action plan for the dam – (911 calls – boats in trouble, etc)
  • Update the new plan annually
  • Meet with Delaware County Management, Delhi Fire dept and Sheriff’s dept to review the plan. Delaware County Emergency Management signs off on plan and submits to Trustees




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