Minutes – Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District

Thursday, June 21, 2018

6:30 pm

Lake Delhi Trustees Administration Building

Delhi, IA


The regular meeting of the Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District was called to order at 6:30 pm by President Steve Leonard.

Trustees present: Leonard, Stabell, Gifford, Havertape, Herman and Burger

Trustees absent: None

Visitors: Tony Harmon, Keith Brockhohn, Aaron McMurrin, Pat Colgan, Ed Schmidt, Jason Wenger, Dan Recker, Lamont Davidson and Daryl Hogan

Motion to approve the meeting agenda as read was made by Staebell, seconded by Herman. Motion carried.

Motion to approve the minutes of previous meetings was made by Burger, seconded by Havertape. Motion carried.

Claims were presented for payment in the amount of $12,956.50 from the General Fund for electricity and internet services, dam operation services, beach maintenance and port-a-potties, service on fire extinguishers, printer maintenance, lobbyist expense, pest control services and website renewal. Havertape motioned to approve the claims for payment as read, Gifford seconded. Motion carried.

May financial reports were presented. The General Fund had revenues of $5,237.27 from Delaware County and expenditures of $86,834.83, ending May at $1,794,712.15. The Debt Service Fund had revenues of $5,756.35 from Delaware County and expenditures of $251,340.40, ending May at $32,886.30. The Dam Improvement Fund had no activity and ended May with a $10,000.00 balance. It was noted that the $10,000.00 transfer from the General Fund to the Dam Improvement Fund that was approved last month is being processed in June and so does not show on the financial reports for this month. Burger motioned to receive and file the financial reports as read, Herman seconded, Motion carried.

Members of the Delhi Volunteer Fire Department presented the Board with information regarding their diver training program. They currently have six members in the program with four of those members signed up to participate in the certification program. The cost to participate in Phase I of the training which includes open water rescue is $2,635 per person or $10,540 total for the department. They asked the Board to consider making a donation to the department. After some discussion a motion was made by Gifford, second by Staebell to pay 75% of the total cost of Phase I or $7,905 to the Delhi Fire Department Diver Training Program. Motion carried.

The Board considered action on the awarding the contract on the Scada Area Drainage Improvements Project. Jason Wenger from Burrington Group reviewed with the Board his conversations with the Delaware County Engineer regarding the possibility of the county financially participating in the project. The county engineer stated he feels there’s no reason for the county to participate financially although he does support the project and feels the work needs to be done. After some discussion Burger made a motion to award the contract to F.L. Krapfl, Inc. for both the base bid of $93,838.75 and the bid alternate of $7,063.00 totaling $100,901.75. Leonard made the motion to second. Motion carried.

The Board considered the appointment of a district clerk from within the board. Burger said he would volunteer to serve in the capacity until the next election of officers. Herman made the motion to appoint Burger, second by Gifford. Motion carried.

Consideration and possible action was taken on contracting with Laurie Kramer to provide clerical and accounting support to the Trustees. Burger made a motion to contract with Laurie at a rate of $400/month beginning July 1, 2018. He included in the motion to pay her $200 for the work she’s done to prepare for the current June meeting. Staebell seconded the motion. Motion carried.

The Board considered possible action on a storage solution for District legal documents that are currently in a number of locations. Options were discussed and a motion to table until more information could be gathered was made by Staebell, second by Gifford. Motion carried.

The next item on the agenda was possible action on the Boge lease agreement.   Herman provided the Board with information on an update on the easement agreement. Boge is asking for a separate easement agreement. The concern is the language relating to the use of 265th St. and access to the area where removal of siltation would occur and possible damage to the road by the District or the contractor removing the material.   An additional concern is access to areas owned by other property owners that may be needed for siltation removal and this needs to be addressed. After some discussion a motion was made by Burger, second by Herman to table until a later date. Motion carried.

Gifford presented information regarding a proposal to utilize the space by the spillway for the Wall of Recognition park project.  Several board members had questions regarding the funding of the project, whether the project needs to be bid and liability and maintenance issues. A motion was made by Havertape, second by Leonard to approve the proposed project. Havertape then amended his motion to include approving the project along with going through the procurement and bidding process. After more discussion, Havertape moved to table the motion until more information is available, Herman seconded. Motion carried.

Gifford then presented information regarding the presentation given to the DNR regarding the proposal for the Wall of Recognition so they could work through any issues the DNR might have with the project. Jon Garten from the IDNR stated he would review and asked that Bill Holman from Stanley Engineering also analyze the project because of some settlement issues in the concrete path next to the spillway. There’s no urgency and the issue is not a major concern so a motion was made by Herman, second by Staebell to table any action on the DNR request. Motion carried.

Leonard asked for committee updates. Burger gave an update on beach maintenance. The signage for the beach has been given to Manchester Signs. The cost which was already approved by the board is between $600-$700 which includes cedar posts. He also stated that the sod that was discussed at an earlier meeting is going to be laid in the near future. Burger also stated that Chris Jones has been doing a great job clearing the debris that has been settling on the beach area.

Leonard spoke regarding lake recreational maintenance issues. He reminded the Board of an email he sent out regarding all of the debris that has been floating in the lake and that at some point in the near future the Board needs to be thinking about short-term and long-term strategies to deal with debris that ‘s coming downstream.

Pat Colgan gave an update on dam operations. He informed the board that the riprap work that’s needed downstream of the powerhouse will be done in the near future. This was work that was a result of the 2016 flood event that took out the existing riprap. He also noted that the process to change out the actuators is in place. He also talked about the three major floods we’ve had since 2016.

Herman gave an update on Water Quality and stated there’s ongoing work with the Maquoketa River Water Shed Group.

Herman said everything for FEMA from the 2016 flood has been filed. He has taken care of the final closeout paperwork . He expects the District to receive approximately $13,000 for a final closeout on the project. Leonard asked about the 2008 FEMA closeout. Herman stated there’s been a problem dealing with the mitigation process for issues that came up in the dredge site area.     He said it’s now in the hands of FEMA but noted they are anxious to closeout the project.

The meeting was open to public comment. Daryl Hogan addressed the board regarding the barge that he built in early 2000. He gave a description of the barge and stated that in 2006 he decided to sell because of the expense regarding insurance. He said Dave Fink and the LDRA expressed an interest in purchasing the barge so he sold it to them. During the breach of 2010 the barge went through the dam and sat below the dam for several years. He was asked to move the barge and he stored it for several years until it was moved to the dredge site. He told the Board he was interested in purchasing the barge back and would be interested in working with the District regarding lake cleanup. Herman expressed some concern because of FEMA but noted it might not be an issue. Leonard asked Hogan if he were to purchase the barge would he be willing to help with debris removal and how much staff he would need to provide that service. Hogan stated he would only need a couple of workers but is concerned about where he would go with the debris. Some concern was expressed that the purchase of the barge and a contract to do business should be two separate issues.  It was also noted that if the District sells public assets they would need to advertise for bids. The Board agreed to review the request and thanked Hogan for coming to the meeting.

Ed Schmidt expressed some concerns with how the Wall of Recognition donors were going to be recognized. Some additional discussion continued regarding costs and donors.

Burger motioned to adjourn, Herman seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.

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