Notice on Lake Debris Removal


To:         Lake Delhi Property Owners

From:     Lake Delhi Trustees

Re:          Lake Delhi “Debris” Clean Up

Date:      April 02, 2019

As most of you are likely aware the recent flooding and ice event caused fairly significant damage up and down a good portion of the Lake. A great number of lifts and docks were damaged in place and a number of docks, lifts and related structures, the exact number not yet known, were dislodged by the ice and carried downstream where they later sank. The dislodged items along with large trees are now hazards to anyone looking to enjoy the Lake. (These items will generally be referred to as “debris”.) At this point the District has benefited from the efforts of the Delhi Fire Dpt. who have had volunteers on the Lake with the Dpt’s. boat and sonar equipment to seek out and mark submerged hazards.

The Trustees have determined it to be in the best interest of the Lake to take immediate steps to ensure that the Lake may be safely navigated and enjoyed as soon as possible. To that end the Trustees held a special meeting on April 1st to consider options and timelines related to debris removal. The Trustees received bids from 2 contractors. When considering the bids the Trustees considered price, availability/start date, and the equipment available to the contractor. Based upon the foregoing factors the Trustees have hired Frentress Lake Marine Center to perform debris removal on the Lake. They will commence work on or before April 8th. While a contractor has been hired, the Trustees hope that property owners will see to the removal or collection of any debris that belongs to them as soon as possible. With that in mind, a schedule and “plan of attack” has been created and is attached to this letter.

Please do your part to take care of your property, to help your neighbors, and to make the Lake as safe as possible.

Please reach out to any Trustee with questions or comments, we want to work together to make the best choices for the Lake community.


Sincerely yours,

 Lake Delhi District Board of Trustees



Lake Delhi Debris Removal

Plan of Attack

April, 2019


  1. The Delhi Volunteer Fire Dpt., utilizing their boat and sonar equipment, identified submerged hazardous debris created by late winter / early spring flooding/ice. (Ongoing)
  2. The District contracted with FrentressLake Marine Center to perform Debris removal on Lake Delhi. (Action of the Trustees, April 1, 2019) (Frentress Lake Marine bid in the amount of $25,000 to mobilize and de-mobilize their equipment with an hourly debris retrieval rate of $400.)
  3. FrentressLake Marine Center (contractor) will commence debris removal as early as April 8th and be here until work is completed. (They anticipate that work will take a few days weather permitting.)
  4. If a property owner has lost personal property and knows where it is located on the Lake they are expected to make arrangements to have it removed. You should immediately e-mail contact District representative Laurie Kramer at (563) 920- 9863) to let us know where your property is located, when it will be removed, and by whom. (Contact the Marina that installed your dock/lift for assistance.)


  1. IMPORTANT: Items that you will be removing must be clearly marked with Name and Contact information. They shall also be flagged with RED ribbon or flag. This will indicate to the Lake Contractor “Do Not Remove”. In addition, we have asked all of the lake marinas who will be assisting in removal for lake residents to clearly mark items with RED and Marina designated flag color.
    1. Hartwick Marina = Blue
    2. T&M Dock = Yellow
    3. B&B Sports = Pink
    4. Frentress = Florescent Green


  1. Steps should be taken to immediately recover your item(s). If your items are not flagged or removed by April 8th the Lake Contractor will see to their removal.
  2. Due to the high cost of removal as set forth above to be paid by the District to Frentress, the Board of Trustees requests that those that lost items, docks, lifts, etc., consider making a donation to the District to offset those costs. Recommended donation amounts total $500 Lift/ $250 per dock.  Please send check to Lake Delhi Trustees and send to the same at 712A Third St., Delhi, IA 52223. An Inventory is being supplied as part of this document. If you would like to add your lost item to the inventory list, please contact contact District representative Laurie Kramer at (563) 920- 9863)
  3. If you have insurance coverage that will cover some or all of the costs associated with the retrieval and removal of your lost item(s) please take advantage and utilize that coverage to reimburse the District.

The District Contractor will be directed as follows:

  1. To remove any and all significantly damaged debris located in the travelled portion of the lake that are not flagged as noted in paragraph 4(a) above. The current plan has debris removed from the Lake being temporarily deposited at one of the following locations: (The Cedars, The Maples, Turtle Creek)
  2. Unclaimed debris will be moved from the temporary storage locations to other District owned property and processed consistent with the Iowa Code.
  3. To place debris that does not appear to have significant damage on or near North Beach (Or other location(s) not yet determined) where it can then be claimed and collected by the owner or their agent. (The thought is that if a lift is recovered and is in usable or easily repairable condition, that it may be best to leave it along the shore where it may more easily be collected and returned to your property.)

 Items removed and not immediately collected will be photographed with pictures posted on the District website and Facebook Page for potential identification.


NOTE: There are a significant number of damaged docks and lifts along the shoreline of Lake Delhi. The efforts of the District to remove items from the Lake that have been deemed to be a hazard DOES NOT include these items. All shoreline damaged items are to be dealt with by the Property Owner.




Due to the high cost of removal as set forth above to be paid by the District to Frentress, the Board of Trustees requests that those that lost items, docks, lifts, etc., consider making a donation to the District to offset those costs. Recommended donation amounts total $500 Lift/ $250 per dock.


Debris Inventory-updated pdf

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