Debris Clean-Up Update

Debris Cleanup Update:

Quick update on debris removal.  After some trying weather and strong winds the Frentress Marina company, along with the Delhi Fire Department, have located and removed items from the travel portion of the lake.  These items included docks, lifts, trees, etc.  We really appreciate the assistance of Marty Pottebaum and the Hartwick Huskys. for removing and scraping the items.  We also want to thank those locations where we were able to store items; that recognition goes to the Klima Family, The Maples, Bruce Schneider Farms.  Special Thanks to Bruce for assisting in taking to shore and disposing of some massive trees.

Frentress will have a presence on the lake for 2-4 weeks as they are waiting for some high water on the Mississippi River to recede.  We ask that lake residents continue to watch out for any items that may have been missed and if you come across lifts or docks, or pieces, please MARK and contact us at .

Finally, we have asked those who lost lifts and docks to assist financially in this large expenditure for the lake.  The Lake has received several donations for this effort.  This is a REMINDER:  Due to the high cost of removal as set forth above to be paid by the District to Frentress, the Board of Trustees requests that those that lost items, docks, lifts, etc., consider making a donation to the District to offset those costs. Recommended donation amounts total $500 Lift/ $250 per dock.

Inventory information is listed on the Trustee website.

Thanks to all who have assisted in this large effort.  Now bring on the nice weather and enjoy Beautiful Lake Delhi.


Lake Delhi Trustees



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