Minutes – January 26, 2021

The Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

5:30 pm

Zoom Meeting

Delhi, IA 52223

The regular meeting of the Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District was called to order at 5:30 pm by President Herman.

Present: Leonard, Althoff, Jasper, Scherrman, Burger, Staebell and Herman were present via Zoom.

Absent: None

Visitors: Laurie Kramer and Jeremy Klima via Zoom

Herman asked for a motion to approve the meeting agenda. A motion was made by Scherrman, second by Staebell, Motion carried unanimously.

Motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting was made by Jasper, second by Althoff, Motion carried unanimously.

Claims were presented for payment in the amount of $34,487.98 from the General Fund for electricity, internet services, copier expense, dam operations, clerical expense, Scada office repairs and security cameras and LP gas. A motion was made to accept the claims as presented by Staebell, Second by Leonard, Motion carried unanimously.

December financial reports were presented. The General Fund had revenues of $4,088.12 from Delaware County. Expenditures for December were $84,390.81 ending December at $2,053,195.84. The Debt Service Fund had revenues of $2,746.41 from Delaware County with no expenditures ending December at $103,022.73. The Dam Improvement Fund had no new revenues and no expenditures ending December with a $40,000.00 balance. A motion was made to receive and file the December financial report by Staebell, second by  Scherrman, Motion carried unanimously.

The Board considered approval of a public hearing for the FY22 budget. A motion was made to hold the public hearing on Thursday, March 11, 2021 at 5:30 p.m. by Jasper, second by Staebell, Motion carried unanimously. The location of the meeting will be at the Delhi Fire Station.

Leonard presented the Board with a request regarding water quality testing at the lake. He requested that the Board consider approving eleven testing sites along the river. The cost for each test is $18.00. Testing will be done three times this summer which would equate to a total cost of $594.00. He also noted that the DNR is providing funding for the next 1.5 years to help manage the watershed concerns. The cost to the MRWQA would be approximately $20,000. Staebell asked if this would raise the amount the District would be asked to provide annually. Leonard stated that that was a possibility but at this time it’s not a concern. He noted actual dates for the testing will be coming at a later date. A motion was made to approve payment for the testing to be done at eleven locations as presented by the MRWQA by Leonard, second by Burger, Motion carried unanimously.

The Board discussed the request from Delhi Boats LLC to lease the boat ramp access on the south side of the dam.   Staebell was asked to address the original proposal. The proposal includes allowing for the parking of the barge on the side of the ramp and having use of the Rocky Nook area for staging materials or equipment at a cost of $7,500 annually. Klima would also provide a weekly sweep of the spillway to keep control of the debris. Leonard asked Klima the extent that he would be able to deal with the dam debris.   Klima said he has a skid loader that can lift 7000#. He would remove debris from the barge and take to the top of the hill to burn. Jasper expressed concern that he’d been approached by folks on the lake with concerns that the ramp would not be accessible if the District leased the ramp. Burger also noted he’d been contacted by folks on the lake with the same concerns. He said he favored leaving it as is so that it is available for use by the public.   Burger also expressed concern that the barge has been left in front of the ramp on occasion and that is a safety concern. After additional discussion, Staebell made a motion to lease the ramp to Klima for $7,500 to have access to the shoreline at the Rocky Nook and the flat area to park his barge and also allow him use of the old Rocky Nook area for temporary storage of items. Staebell stated this would also included weekly cleanup of the spillway. The term of the lease would be for one year. Leonard seconded the motion noting that easement rights are protected and that the portage area would remain available.  Leonard expressed concern that cleanup inside of the bouys would be a safety issue. Klima said he could provide liability insurance and said he had no concerns about safety regarding debris removal. Burger asked to have the cleanup be a separate issue. Leonard asked Staebell to amend his motion to exclude the cleanup requirement. Staebell agreed. The motion, as voluntarily amended, to enter into a one year lease with Delhi Boats LLC for $7,500 that would allow him use of the Rocky Nook frontage to park his barge and the flat area for temporary storage of items, the lease to commence on March 1, 2021 and include language that if there are issues with the ramp being blocked that the lease could be terminated with a notice of 30 days, by Staebell, seconded by Leonard, Motion carried. (Staebell, Leonard, Herman and Jasper voting yes; Burger, Althoff and Scherrman voting no.)

Schermann presented a proposal from Lance Nemmers to paint the inside of the Scada office that would include the ceiling, walls and trim. He noted that on his last visit some of the plaster work had not been complete and would need to be finished before painting could begin. The cost of the proposal is $1,500 which does not include materials. The project should span over two weekends. A motion to approve contracting with Nemmers to paint the office was made by Scherrman, second by Jasper, Motion carried unanimously.

Water Quality – No further update

Community Quality of Life – No update

Property Assets and Dam – No update

Financial/Budget – Herman noted that Burger, Althoff and he met with Laurie to review the budget for FY21. More information will be provided in February.

Public Comment: None

A motion to adjourn was made by Leonard, second by Staebell, Motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 6:39 p.m.





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