Debris Clean-Up Update

Debris Cleanup Update:

Quick update on debris removal.  After some trying weather and strong winds the Frentress Marina company, along with the Delhi Fire Department, have located and removed items from the travel portion of the lake.  These items included docks, lifts, trees, etc.  We really appreciate the assistance of Marty Pottebaum and the Hartwick Huskys. for removing and scraping the items.  We also want to thank those locations where we were able to store items; that recognition goes to the Klima Family, The Maples, Bruce Schneider Farms.  Special Thanks to Bruce for assisting in taking to shore and disposing of some massive trees.

Frentress will have a presence on the lake for 2-4 weeks as they are waiting for some high water on the Mississippi River to recede.  We ask that lake residents continue to watch out for any items that may have been missed and if you come across lifts or docks, or pieces, please MARK and contact us at .

Finally, we have asked those who lost lifts and docks to assist financially in this large expenditure for the lake.  The Lake has received several donations for this effort.  This is a REMINDER:  Due to the high cost of removal as set forth above to be paid by the District to Frentress, the Board of Trustees requests that those that lost items, docks, lifts, etc., consider making a donation to the District to offset those costs. Recommended donation amounts total $500 Lift/ $250 per dock.

Inventory information is listed on the Trustee website.

Thanks to all who have assisted in this large effort.  Now bring on the nice weather and enjoy Beautiful Lake Delhi.


Lake Delhi Trustees



Minutes – Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District

Thursday, April 18, 2019

6:30 pm

Lake Delhi Trustees Administration Building

Delhi, IA


The regular meeting of the Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District was called to order at 6:30 pm by President Staebell.

Trustees present: Davidson, Burger, Staebell, Herman and Havertape

Trustees absent: Gifford and Leonard

Visitors: Ed Schmidt, Gordon & Patricia Anderson, Linda Slobodnik, Dan Recker, Randy Rattenborg, Mike Ryan, Wanda Davidson, Ben Pasker, Vicki Shadle, Lois & Larry Sloan, Dan Reyner, Larry Aschbrenner and Tyler Burlage

Staebell asked for a motion to approve the meeting agenda. A motion was made by Havertape, second by Davidson. Motion carried.

Motion to approve the minutes of previous meetings was made by Burger, second by Davidson. Motion carried.

Claims were presented for payment in the amount of $11,955.84 from the General Fund for electricity, internet services, dam operation services, printer maintenance, lobbyist expense, clerical expense, scaffolding and miscellaneous supplies. Claims were also presented in the amount of $236,579.00 from the Debt Service Fund for payment of principal and interest on the GO Bond debt. Burger motioned to approve the claims for payment as read, Davidson second.  Motion carried.

March financial reports were presented. The General Fund had revenues of $102,364.30 from Delaware County and expenditures of $9,746.02 ending March at $1,913,862.93. The Debt Service Fund had revenues of $145,185.69 from Delaware County and no expenditures, ending March at $237,121.39. The Dam Improvement Fund had no revenues or expenditures and ended March with a $20,000.00 balance. Burger motioned to receive and file the financial reports as read, Herman second. Motion carried.

Mike Ryan, from Delaware County Emergency Management, was present to provide information regarding a new notification system that Delaware County will be instituting in the near future. The county is participating in a statewide mass notification system known as Alert Iowa. Mike noted that a letter is being sent to lake homeowners asking them to sign up for the notification alert. He also walked through how the declaration process for weather damages is handled by the county. Staebell thanked Mike for his presentation.

The Board considered action on Resolution #4.18.19 to authorize the Delaware County Auditor to conduct the upcoming Trustee election to be held Tuesday, July 23, 2019. A motion was made by Herman, second by Davidson to approve the resolution. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Burger, second by Davidson to approve a donation request from the LDRA for assistance with the LDRA dredge debt. The amount approve was $96,760.50. Motion carried.

The Board discussed approval of a quote from Rotork for actuator service work. The quote is for $4,024.06.   A motion was made by Havertape, second by Herman to approve moving forward with the quote and authorizing a purchase order to be sent to Rotork. Motion carried.

A discussion was held regarding beach maintenance. Staebell mentioned that the Trustees had received a request from several lake residents regarding the condition of the beach at Lost Beach. He also received notice from Dave Fink that he will no longer be able to do the maintenance at North Beach. Because of those issues, he asked for this to be on the agenda. Davidson said he would like to table the discussion until the committee for beach maintenance can get together to discuss options for maintenance at both locations. He noted that Tyler Burlage has approached the trustees with possible solutions to eliminate the rocky condition at Lost Beach and Davidson said the committee would be looking at all options. Burlage stated he had pursued information regarding equipment that would be able to screen out the rocks from the beach area He was asked if he could look into finding a dealer that might be interested in bringing out the equipment so the board could see how it works. Burlage said he would look into it.

Consideration and possible action on a request from a lake owner to purchase shore frontage was discussed. Staebell noted that the District had received a request last fall from a homeowner regarding the purchase of frontage and since that time the District has received another request for the same thing. Staebell asked Davidson and Herman to provide the Board with an update of what their committee had discussed for actions going forward. Herman stated that there were varying opinions amongst the trustees on whether to transfer any District properties. Some of the concerns were regarding any implications with potential future FEMA claims if the District doesn’t own the property.   Because the District owns very little lake bed property, the conclusion of the committee was that they would entertain transferring frontage but the purchased frontage would only go 50’ into the lake bed. Surveying the property would be necessary and the cost to do that is approximately $1,500. Other fees and legal services would be an additional expense. The suggestion of the committee is that all costs should be assumed by the property owner along with a cost of $10.00/ft. for the frontage. That number is based on what the LDRA sold property for in the past. Herman noted that in the quit claim deed there would be a clause that would allow the District to enter the transferred property if needed for maintenance or dredging. The cost to remove and put back docks/lifts would be the District’s responsibility. Staebell noted that there are other property owners who don’t own their frontage and at some point the District should consider reaching out to them and give them the opportunity to purchase their frontage based on the aforementioned procedure if approved by the Board. It was suggested that the Board contact their attorney to decide how best to start the process of transferring property and what the procedure should be with regarding to holding a public hearing. A motion was made by Burger, second by Davidison to start the process on transfer of properties. Motion carried.

Committee Updates:

Water Quality – Nothing to report

Community Quality of Life – Nothing to report

Property, Assets & Dam – Davidson gave an update on debris removal. He stated they had a slow start because of weather but are now making good progress. Debris has been taken to two locations. Work is scheduled for downstream starting tomorrow, Friday, April 19th and is expected to be complete fairly quickly. They have found additional lifts and the Delhi Fire Department has also been available to do more sonar work. Staebell asked if we could get pictures of the debris. Davidson said most of the debris is scrap but it was decided to put any pictures available on our website.

Finance & Budget – Nothing to report

Staebell noted that Hartwick West is having their road association meeting on Monday, May 27th at 9:00 a.m. Trustee members are invited to attend and give updates if they are available.

Public Comment: A question was asked if it is safe to put boats in the water. Staebelll stated that while it is safe please use caution and noted boats have been on the water over the past week.

Larry Sloan thanked the board for taking quick action on the debris cleanup.

Larry Aschbrenner wondered if the pictures of the pile of debris could be deceiving. There was no conclusion to that question.

With no other comments, a motion was made by Davidson, second by Havertape to adjourn. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.




Lake Debris Update

The Lake Delhi debris cleanup is going well. Approximately 95% of marked items from Hartwick Bridge going upstream has been completed. The work from Hartwick Bridge downstream will start on Monday. Today, Saturday, April 20, Frentress Marina and the Delhi Fire Department are going to see if anything else has been missed upstream. Please review pictures at the locations listed. If you locate some of your items to be claimed, please contact the trustees via their email at If you are going on the lake, please take all precautions to be safe. We will update you as things progress.  Photos for debris to follow this post.

Happy Easter!



Agenda – Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District

Thursday, April. 18, 2019

6:30 p.m.

Lake Delhi Trustees Administration Building

210 South St.

Delhi, IA


  1. Call to Order
  2. Approve Agenda
  3. Consideration and approval of minutes of Previous Meetings
  4. Consideration and approval of Payments
  5. Review Financial Reports
  6. Update from Mike Ryan from the Delaware Co. Emergency Management System
  7. Consideration and possible action on resolution to authorize Delaware County to conduct the upcoming Trustee election
  8. Consideration and possible action on donation request from the LDRA for assistance with the LDRA dredge debt
  9. Discussion and possible action on quote from Rotork for actuator service work
  10. Discussion regarding beach maintenance
  11. Consideration and possible action on request from lake owner to purchase shore frontage
  12. Committee Updates – Water Quality & Sediment Control; Community Quality of Life; Property, Assets & Dam; Finance & Budget
  13. Public Comment
  14. Adjourn

Minutes – Monday, April 1, 2019

The Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District

Monday, April 1, 2019

4:30 pm

Lake Delhi Trustees Administration Building

Delhi, IA


The regular meeting of the Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District was called to order at 4:30 pm by President Staebell.

Trustees present: Davidson, Burger and Staebell;. Havertape, Leonard, Gifford & Herman present by phone (Note: Herman left at 5:10 and Gifford left at 6:10)

Trustees absent: None

Visitors: LuAnn Weber, Gary Weber, Tom Gatto, Travis Niehaus, Paul Roussell, Bill Ries, Burce Schneider, Margie Schneider, Larry Aschbrenner, Ben Kindred, Chris Stender, Dan Reyner, Dan Recker, Greg Steffen, Cindy Blonigan, Dick Blonigan, Jason Wenger, Marty Pottebaum, Chris Jones, Al Bauer, Diane Bauer, Doug Bauer, Ben Pasker, Joe Vorwald, Mark Kintzle, Dick Recker, Daryl Hogan, Laurie Kramer

A motion to approve the agenda was made by Davidson, second by Burger. Motion carried.

The first agenda item was consideration and possible action on sale of the District’s barge. Staebell stated that the District went out for bid on the barge last fall. At that time there was no interest from the public. The Trustees now have an interested party who has submitted a quote to purchase the barge.. Staebell asked if there were any other interest to purchase. There being none, he read the proposal for purchase of the barge. Daryl Hogan from Hillside Manufacturing provided a proposal to purchase the barge for $1,500 contingent upon seeing the bottom of the barge and ensuring that there are no rust holes. He stipulated that if there are rust holes he would not purchase the barge. Burger asked Hogan what area of the barge would he be looking at for rust. Hogan indicated he would be looking for rust at the bottom of round barrels. Hogan said he it was scraped out it would be worth around $2,000. Leonard asked Herman if he was comfortable from legal aspect with FEMA is he comfortable with the sale. Herman said because it’s personal property and previously asking for bids there was no need for the District to go through a public hearing for bid. As far as FEMA is concerned, the only thing they might ask for is the $1,500 but considering how tied up FEMA is with other national issues, it’s not a concern. Davidson stated that the last time we offered the barge for sale it was “as is” condition. This proposal now has stipulations attached. He has concerns about that. Hogan said he would be okay with accepting the barge in “as is” condition. A motion was made by Burger to sell the barge to Hillside Manufacturing. Leonard second provided we get a Bill of Sale noting the amount of $1,500 and a timeframe of moving the barge. Hogan stated moving the barge will depend on the weather. He said he was hopeful to move it within a month. He also stated that rebuilding the barge would probably be complete by the end of the boating season or next year.

The next agenda item was consideration and possible action on quotes for debris removal. Staebell recapped the event that occurred March 14th that caused a lot of damage and loss of property on the lake. The first thing that was done was to gather an inventory of items that were lost in that event. The major location of damage was done from the Cedar’s down past Freddie’s Beach. Staebell noted that the Delhi Fire Department was brought in to help locate submerged items and mark items in the lakebed. Joe Vorwald, from the Delhi Fire Department, gave the Trustees an update on what the department found when they scoured the lake. He stated they found nothing up-river from Cedars. Most of the inventory is on the shore and they are damaged. They found seventeen lifts that were submerged. The department didn’t mark anything that was visible and said most of those items are not in the channel. Most of the inventory was in the Schneider area and Freddy’s Beach. He noted the damage really stopped above Linden Acres. They did find a lift by Camp O but after that there was nothing under the water.   It was noted that a lift was also located down river from Lost Beach. Herman stated he took a boat ride on Sunday and saw a lot of damage and noticed a number of things out in the lake a ways that were not marked.   He asked Vorwald if he had any idea how many of those items are above water. Vorwald stated he thought around 15 above water but 30 lifts total. Leonard asked if they fire department was able to get all the way down to the dam. Vorwald said they did go down that far and there’s debris floating in that area.   He also stated they first pass they did through the lake was done with their old sonar and they weren’t happy with the results so they purchased a new sonar with a live camera. They went through the lake again and didn’t find any additional debris.   He also said they spent about 40 hours over seven days and did multiple swaps around the lake. Staebell thanked Vorwald and the fire department for providing their service to the lake. Vorwald stated that their diving team would be available for additional assistance if needed.

Before Staebell provided information regarding the two quotes for the debris removal he asked if there was any other interest from those in the audience to provide a quote to remove debris. There being no interest, Staebell reviewed the two quotes.

Staebell asked Leonard to provided information regarding the two companies that he reached out to for quotes. The first company that came out to the lake was Newt Marine Service out of Dubuque. Dan Reyner, from the LDRA, met with their representatives to see the scope of work needed to be done.   The key components of the proposal included mobilization costs, an hourly rate for debris removal, capabilities of their equipment and a potential start date. Leonard stated Newt Marine’s proposal was $67,500 for mobilization and $10,500 per an eight-hour day or $1,950 per hour. Part of the reason their proposal is so high is because of the size of their equipment they would have to pull everything before the Hartwick Bridge and re-mobilized to get all the way downstream. They could begin asap.

The second proposal is from Frentress Marina in East Dubuque. Their mobilization cost is $25,000 with an hourly rate of $400 for debris removal. They can begin work between 3-5 days after a contract is signed. The only concern for Frentress Marina is they would need to have the work completed by April 20th because of their busy schedule.

Leonard stated there are other components to consider. One of those is deciding on locations to deposit the debris. The other is deciding on how the debris is removed since having these companies completely remove all the debris would be very costly.

Staebell stated that he felt one thing the trustees need to consider is while we are going through the process of removing the docks and lifts having the contractor deal with trees and other potential hazards in the water should be considered. Leonard state he spoke with both firms and they are willing to go all the way up river to remove that kind of debris. Davidson agreed that catching debris upstream is important but noted that all the debris at the dam should be taken care while we have the equipment to do so. Herman asked if any of the local marinas have been contacted to collect any of the items out in the lakebed. Both Chris Stender and Al Bauers said they have had calls from residents for help. Herman said a concern is with the upcoming mobilization people who plan to retrieve their docks/lifts will need to get that done very soon. It was noted that from the inventory listed there about three homeowners who plan to retrieve their items. Gifford asked if the trustees should consider charging homeowners for collecting their debris. Staebell said that is something that will be considered in the near future. Burger asked Stender if the people who have contacted him know where their docks/lift are location. Stender said most of the people he has talked to do not know where their items are. He expressed concern over what has not been located. Burger said he was concerned because if the trustees hire Frentress and they need to be off the lake by April 20th will there be time to do additional sonar runs to catch more debris that’s submerged. Leonard stated that both firms have sonar to use during the process. Staebell asked Vorwald if the fire department would be available to assist in doing additional sonar runs. Vorwald said they would be available to help.   For clarity, Staebell stated that anything that’s out in the lakebed 100’ or more will be removed by the contractor. Stender stated he felt there were probably fewer items that need to be removed by the contract. He also said given the cost to have a contract come out and remove debris the District should look at getting a barge that would be available for future situations like this. He noted having their own barge and having volunteers would save the District money in the long run. Davidson stated he felt community involvement is crucial.

Staebell asked for public comment.

Al Bauer stated that while the contractor will be working to remove lakebed items B & B Sports and the Hartwick Marina can take care of a lot of the shoreline work.

Larry Aschbrenner – Does the District have insurance to cover the expense? The answer is no because the property damaged is not the District’s. The reason the District is taking on the expense to remove the debris is because it’s a boating hazard. Staebell noted because the District is taking on the expense to remove the debris there’s going to be some discussion on charging the homeowner’s something for removing their property from the lake.

Mark Kintzle – Is there any smaller equipment that could be used versus the big excavators that are being proposed for use? Staebell said that he was not aware that any inquiry had been made regarding smaller equipment. A question for the contractor may be utilizing other equipment once they see the scope of work to be done.

Chris Jones – Has anyone seen the barge to make sure we know what it’s going to do?   Staebell read the description of what the mobilization included.

Dan Reyner said when he took Jason from Newt Marina for a tour of the lake he asked him how big the platform would be that they would bring in. He was told 10’ x 40’ dock section and that there would be four of them. He stated it was not only for the excavator but for the debris they pull out of the lake.

Bruce Schneider suggested to they contract start upriver to better utilize their time and save some cost to the District. Leonard also suggested that locations be established to best utilize the contractor’s time as well. Schneider asked how the contractor will off-load the material. He said they could use his area but he needed to understand how this would be handled. Leonard said he would speak with the approved contractor about how they would handle getting the materials to the shore.

Marty Pottebaum said because time is of the essence and that the District needs to be sure that the contractor understands that if there is something they can’t get with their equipment then need to find the equipment that will work. Staebell asked Leonard to clarify this issue with the approved contractor.

Margie Schneider ask how much the District has budgeted for this type of expense. Staebell stated that in the budget there’s $35,000 for debris removal and also $60,000 for Lake Bed Mitigation of which $40,000 is already designated. So the total amount is around $55,000.

With no other questions, Davidson made a motion to accept the proposal from Frentress Lake Marina noting the work will include not only removing the debris from the docks and lifts but other potentially dangerous material such as trees and that they take care of all the debris located at the dam and around the cabling at the dam.  Burger seconded the motion.  A question was asked about dealing with the wood and trees at the dam. While this is not a part of the motion it was suggested that the material be dragged to the District’s ramp area south of the dam to be cut up later on. Pottebaum said he would be available to truck out the material if we could get volunteers to help cut up the material. Gifford asked if a part of the motion should include looking at charging back a part of the expense to the homeowners. Staebell stated that will be part of another discussion. Gifford said he feels the Board needs to make a decision very soon. Leonard said his concern is that a property owner needs to know in advance if there’s gong to be a charge in case they are planning to remove their own property. Margie Schneider expressed concern that this was an act of mother nature and to distinguish whose property is whose would be a nightmare. Staebell ask for a roll call vote.

Burger – Yes, because of the timing. He would like to look into purchasing a barge in the future but noted there’s also a liability to owning a barge.

Davidson – Yes

Leonard – Yes noting we need a strategy for future needs but we need to get this taken care of now.

Gifford – Yes

Havertape – Yes

Herman – Signed off

Staebell – Yes

Motion carried.

Staebell asked Leonard to communicate to Frentress and get something contractual for Staebell to sign.

Staebell spoke to the Trustees about the communication document that ‘s being developed to present to the community. He read the proposed document to those in attendance and noted the document will be posted as soon as it is finalized. Within the document aris a timeframe for the debris removal to take place and directions to property owners who lost personal property and steps that will be taken to remove items in the lake bed. Burger stated he felt that damaged property within the 100’ mark should be considered for removal by Frentress it is not owned by the property owner. Burger asked Stender and Bauers if they are going to go out and mark the items the people have asked them to take care of. Stender said they will have to do that.   Burger said it’s very difficult to identify lifts and it’s going to be hard to charge back to the property owner for a lift unless there are specific markings. Burger stated he’s not in favor of charging back to the home owner. Leonard stated timing is important if we need to involve the ski club for assistance. Staebell asked the question “do we want to give owners a certain amount of time to reclaim their items and if so should we charge them at that point in time”.   Pottebaum stated most material that is going to be removed will be junk and we should not people to sift through the material to take whatever they want. Pottebaum reiterated that time is of the essence.

Dick Recker said if someone identifies their lift they should donate an amount back to the District.

Staebell stated the document was drafted to be communication going forward to be clear on dates, timing and the responsibilities of property owners. The plan is to post on the website, sent out through email, etc.

Margie Schneider asked the boat ramps would be closed during the time of the clean up. Leonard said he spoke with the Delaware Co. Conservation Department and the DNR. Neither one plan to close down any access area. They also do not to plan to take any action regarding signage. Bruce Schneider asked if we could make a request because activity on the lake will slow down the debris removal process.  Leonard suggested sending an email blast for “no wake” activity. Staebell asked what kind of timeframe do the Trustees want to allow the marinas or individuals to go out and mark and have access to their items. Jason Wenger from Burrington Group stated that given Frentress needs to be off the lake by April 20th the District should consider getting them started on April 8th. Any rain days could hold up their work as well.   Leonard said their goal is to be out by April 20th but Staebell stated that date is not listed on their proposal so we need to be sure we get that in writing from them. Staebell stated that because Frentress Marina plan to start their work on Monday, April 8th, home owners who plan to take care of their own lifts/docks need to get them marked as soon as possible. Another concern is when does the District make sure items marked for removal to, in fact, get removed. Davidson and Burger said they would be available for oversight. Leonard said his concern is about homeowners who plan to remove their property on their own and if they don’t get it done what’s going to happen. Leonard suggested giving them until the middle of next week to get their items removed. Margie Schneider ask about property that went downstream and ended up on someone else’s property. How will that be addressed? Staebell stated if it’s not marked it will be removed.  Staebell expressed a concern on how we identify the property as not being the homeowners. Another concern was for those homeowners who live out of state and how they handle their property. Staebell said that’s why he’d like to give them more time. Davidson said we have to move forward despite these issues. After additional discussion, Staebell said it seems the consensus is that homeowners will need to contact us by Monday, April 8th if they do not want their property removed.. Davidson stated that the homeowners who are going to be taking care of their property need to tag it stating “do not remove” and list their name so that it’s left alone. Anything not tagged will be removed. As a point of clarification, homeowners are expected to take of their property no matter it’s condition if it’s on their shoreline. The only exception would be items that landed on a property owner’s area that doesn’t belong to them. Then the District would remove it if they know about it.

Bruce Schneider said he could provide an area to take care of trees.   He said he could load the wood and take it away to burn.

With no other comment, Burger made a motion to adjourn and Davidson seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 6:20 p.m.


Notice on Lake Debris Removal


To:         Lake Delhi Property Owners

From:     Lake Delhi Trustees

Re:          Lake Delhi “Debris” Clean Up

Date:      April 02, 2019

As most of you are likely aware the recent flooding and ice event caused fairly significant damage up and down a good portion of the Lake. A great number of lifts and docks were damaged in place and a number of docks, lifts and related structures, the exact number not yet known, were dislodged by the ice and carried downstream where they later sank. The dislodged items along with large trees are now hazards to anyone looking to enjoy the Lake. (These items will generally be referred to as “debris”.) At this point the District has benefited from the efforts of the Delhi Fire Dpt. who have had volunteers on the Lake with the Dpt’s. boat and sonar equipment to seek out and mark submerged hazards.

The Trustees have determined it to be in the best interest of the Lake to take immediate steps to ensure that the Lake may be safely navigated and enjoyed as soon as possible. To that end the Trustees held a special meeting on April 1st to consider options and timelines related to debris removal. The Trustees received bids from 2 contractors. When considering the bids the Trustees considered price, availability/start date, and the equipment available to the contractor. Based upon the foregoing factors the Trustees have hired Frentress Lake Marine Center to perform debris removal on the Lake. They will commence work on or before April 8th. While a contractor has been hired, the Trustees hope that property owners will see to the removal or collection of any debris that belongs to them as soon as possible. With that in mind, a schedule and “plan of attack” has been created and is attached to this letter.

Please do your part to take care of your property, to help your neighbors, and to make the Lake as safe as possible.

Please reach out to any Trustee with questions or comments, we want to work together to make the best choices for the Lake community.


Sincerely yours,

 Lake Delhi District Board of Trustees



Lake Delhi Debris Removal

Plan of Attack

April, 2019


  1. The Delhi Volunteer Fire Dpt., utilizing their boat and sonar equipment, identified submerged hazardous debris created by late winter / early spring flooding/ice. (Ongoing)
  2. The District contracted with FrentressLake Marine Center to perform Debris removal on Lake Delhi. (Action of the Trustees, April 1, 2019) (Frentress Lake Marine bid in the amount of $25,000 to mobilize and de-mobilize their equipment with an hourly debris retrieval rate of $400.)
  3. FrentressLake Marine Center (contractor) will commence debris removal as early as April 8th and be here until work is completed. (They anticipate that work will take a few days weather permitting.)
  4. If a property owner has lost personal property and knows where it is located on the Lake they are expected to make arrangements to have it removed. You should immediately e-mail contact District representative Laurie Kramer at (563) 920- 9863) to let us know where your property is located, when it will be removed, and by whom. (Contact the Marina that installed your dock/lift for assistance.)


  1. IMPORTANT: Items that you will be removing must be clearly marked with Name and Contact information. They shall also be flagged with RED ribbon or flag. This will indicate to the Lake Contractor “Do Not Remove”. In addition, we have asked all of the lake marinas who will be assisting in removal for lake residents to clearly mark items with RED and Marina designated flag color.
    1. Hartwick Marina = Blue
    2. T&M Dock = Yellow
    3. B&B Sports = Pink
    4. Frentress = Florescent Green


  1. Steps should be taken to immediately recover your item(s). If your items are not flagged or removed by April 8th the Lake Contractor will see to their removal.
  2. Due to the high cost of removal as set forth above to be paid by the District to Frentress, the Board of Trustees requests that those that lost items, docks, lifts, etc., consider making a donation to the District to offset those costs. Recommended donation amounts total $500 Lift/ $250 per dock.  Please send check to Lake Delhi Trustees and send to the same at 712A Third St., Delhi, IA 52223. An Inventory is being supplied as part of this document. If you would like to add your lost item to the inventory list, please contact contact District representative Laurie Kramer at (563) 920- 9863)
  3. If you have insurance coverage that will cover some or all of the costs associated with the retrieval and removal of your lost item(s) please take advantage and utilize that coverage to reimburse the District.

The District Contractor will be directed as follows:

  1. To remove any and all significantly damaged debris located in the travelled portion of the lake that are not flagged as noted in paragraph 4(a) above. The current plan has debris removed from the Lake being temporarily deposited at one of the following locations: (The Cedars, The Maples, Turtle Creek)
  2. Unclaimed debris will be moved from the temporary storage locations to other District owned property and processed consistent with the Iowa Code.
  3. To place debris that does not appear to have significant damage on or near North Beach (Or other location(s) not yet determined) where it can then be claimed and collected by the owner or their agent. (The thought is that if a lift is recovered and is in usable or easily repairable condition, that it may be best to leave it along the shore where it may more easily be collected and returned to your property.)

 Items removed and not immediately collected will be photographed with pictures posted on the District website and Facebook Page for potential identification.


NOTE: There are a significant number of damaged docks and lifts along the shoreline of Lake Delhi. The efforts of the District to remove items from the Lake that have been deemed to be a hazard DOES NOT include these items. All shoreline damaged items are to be dealt with by the Property Owner.




Due to the high cost of removal as set forth above to be paid by the District to Frentress, the Board of Trustees requests that those that lost items, docks, lifts, etc., consider making a donation to the District to offset those costs. Recommended donation amounts total $500 Lift/ $250 per dock.


Debris Inventory-updated pdf

Trustee Agenda – Monday, April 1, 2019

The Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District

Special Meeting

Monday, April 1, 2019

4:30 p.m.

Lake Delhi Trustees Administration Building

210 South St.

Delhi, IA


  1. Call to Order
  2. Approve Agenda
  3. Consideration and possible action on sale of barge
  4. Consideration and possible action on quotes for debris removal
  5. Public Comment
  6. Adjourn



Please note: If anyone is interested in providing a quote for debris removal, please come to the meeting on April 1st or call Dan Staebell, President. Also, if you have an interest in volunteering with cleanup we would appreciate you attending the meeting or contacting Dan. His number is 608-440-0142.



Minutes – Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District

Thursday, March 21, 2019

6:30 pm

Lake Delhi Trustees Administration Building

Delhi, IA

The regular meeting of the Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District was called to order at 6:30 pm by President Staebell.

Trustees present: Davidson, Burger, Leonard and Staebell. Havertape & Herman present by phone

Trustees absent: Gifford

Visitors: Wanda Davidson, Ed Schmidt, Mike Lehman with T & M Docks, Dan Reyner, Dan Recker, Margie Schneider, Bruce Schneider, Jeff Frasher, Joe Vorwald, Cindy Blonigan, Dick Blonigan, Rich Blonigan, Larry Aschbrenner Jason Wenger and Richard Wayne

Staebell asked for a motion to approve the meeting agenda moving the agenda item number seven, debris removal, to be discussed after the financial reports. A motion was made by Davidson, seconded by Burger. Motion carried.

Motion to approve the minutes of previous meetings was made by Burger, seconded by Leonard. Motion carried.

Claims were presented for payment in the amount of $9,746.02 from the General Fund for electricity, LP gas, internet services, dam operation services, printer maintenance, lobbyist expense, clerical expense, budget publication and miscellaneous supplies. Davidson motioned to approve the claims for payment as read, Burger seconded.  Motion carried.

February financial reports were presented. The General Fund had revenues of $15,423.76 from Delaware County and expenditures of $9,155.30 ending February at $1,821,244.65. The Debt Service Fund had revenues of $18,920.78 from Delaware County and no expenditures, ending February at $91,935.70. The Dam Improvement Fund had no revenues or expenditures and ended February with a $20,000.00 balance. Burger motioned to receive and file the financial reports as read, Havertape seconded. Motion carried.

Staebell open the discussion regarding removal of debris in the lake bed by suggesting several points for discussion. He named four points to being initial discussions.

#1. Inventory of what items were lost from the flooding in the lake

#2. What is the best way to locate items that are under the water surface

#3. What are potential options for removal of debris

#4. Discuss having a special meeting to take formal action on how to proceed

Staebell asked the board their opinion on reaching out to lake owners on what’s been lost to gather some kind of inventory. He suggested posting a notice on the trustee webpage, emailing a notice through our email account and also sending a text alert  Leonard stated he felt getting an inventory was critical. His suggestion is to give the community guidance to communicate to the Trustees what they’ve lost and inventory the material. He also expressed concern over potential liability to the Trustees if they move material out of the lakebed and also where would the key locations be to put the material for owners to collect. Davidson shared his concern that there will be a very short window of time to get all of this completed. Burger suggested owners of the docks and lifts sign a waiver to allow the District to remove their material from the lake if that’s is the route taken by the trustees. Other comments were concerns that some people won’t bother trying to retrieve their items and how that be dealt with. Leonard said he talked with a couple of companies that could retrieve items from the lake and for a fee that would haul unclaimed materials away. Leonard said something the trustees need to think about is making the determination of what materials get removed from the lake. Some items close to shorelines could be retrieved by the owner or by folks in the area.  Another item to address is recycling the unclaimed materials. The consensus of the trustees is to do an email blast and notification to identify who lost items, what they lost and if they know the location of their items. Leonard had conversations with the Delhi Fire Department and asked them to attend tonight’s meeting. Joe Vorwald and Jeff Frasher, members of the Delhi Fire Department, said the department has the capability to go out and mark items in the lake. They also have sonar to detect items that are submerged and not visible from the top of the water. They would not be able to remove items from the lake because of the weight unless they were small items like a short dock. With regard to marking items, he said they have bouys that have little LP tanks that are weighted like an anchor. He estimated they have about 20-25 of them and the concern was more maybe needed. There was discussion regarding how many boats would be needed to search the width of the lake and the thought was that another 3-5 boats with sonar may be needed. Vorwald also said they have divers who could assist with marking submerged material. When asked about the length of time it would take the fire department to scour the lake with one boat, Vorwald said he would estimate it would take a month for them to do the work.   Staebell opened the meeting up for public comment. Aschbrenner agreed that a notification needs to be sent out to see what’s been lost. He said he followed about 14 lifts from the Maples to Linden Acres. Lehman said he thought the search should begin as far up as possible. He stated his company is getting calls from people up in the Cozy Cove area.   Margie Schneider asked what the cost would be for hiring a contractor to do the removal of materials. Leonard stated when he talked to the contractors he called they didn’t want to give a specific number because they were concerned that the work would be bid out. He estimated a number the amount to be anywhere from $8,000 to $20,000 depending on the scope of work. They would include marking and removing material and placing it in an accessible area. It would not include them hauling away the debris. He stated he that is just an estimate until we know the scope of work needed.   Lehman said he had rope he would donate if needed. Burger suggested we reach out to the local marinas to see if they have an interest in working on the project.  Margie Schneider said she could do an inventory of what was lost in their area. Bruce Schneider questioned whether individuals would be able to retrieve their lifts. He noted that when a similar flood event happened 40 years ago, very few lifts were intact. Aschbrenner stated he felt the first step should be for the fire department to go out and see what they find and then decide if the trustees need to hire another contractor.   Further discussion included asking the fire department to note locations of debris so areas could be mapped out. Lehman stated the department could use their work boat. Staebell stated the fire department could use the access at the Cedars to get on the water. Staebell suggested having a special meeting on Monday, April 1st.   He also suggested having several trustees meeting with the fire department the weekend before the special meeting.

The Board considered a request from the Hartwick Huskies to utilize Lost Beach for the 2019 ski show. The date of the show is July 13th.   They also have asked for a few extra dates for practice. A motion was made by Leonard to approve the dates needed provided the Huskies provide an insurance rider as was done last year and the trustees will provide extra port-a-potties as was done last year. Davidson seconded the motion. Motion carried.

The next agenda item consideration and possible action on request from lake owner to purchase shore frontage.   Davidson stated that there was still work being done on legal descriptions with the county auditor. He made a motion to table any action until further information was made available. Burger seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Committee Updates:

Water Quality & Sediment Control – Leonard stated that the Watershed Management Authority met two weeks ago and they are working on funding grants not just for Lake Delhi but other areas of the Maquoketa River. The funding will help with water quality projects. Jason Wenger from Burrington Group explained some of the issues they dealt with during the event. Burger asked about legislation allowing us to apply for grants that failed last year. Leonard said there are other funding mechanisms through the state being discussed. Nothing as been determined at this point.

Community Quality & Life – No update

Property Assets & Dam Committee – Davidson stated that Burrington Group has done an excellent job of managing the dam in this last weather event. He also said the Delhi Fire Department was available during that event.

Finance & Budget – The budget for 19/20 has been certified.

Recreation – Leonard noted that the LDRA is looking to put together the fireworks and Christmas on the Lake. Insurance is going to be an issue as to how it is provided.

Public Comment:

Cindy Blonigan asked the board how they plan to keep people off the lake until the debris is removed.   Staebell said that it may be a question for the DNR and that they may be the ones to make the call of whether to put signage out to alert people or not. Leonard said he would be happy to reach out to the DNR and Delaware County to get their opinion. Reyner said he spoke with the DNR and they said it’s up to the landowner to get their stuff out of the lake based on the law. He also stated the DNR will be out again this summer to check on docks. He said talked to the DNR regarding Christmas on the Lake and getting a variance regarding boat lights.   Reyner stated the LDRA is looking to have a boater safety course. He plans to come to a future trustee meeting with more information.

Aschbrenner informed the board that the St. Patty’s Day Fireworks Fundraiser at the Pizza Place on March 17th raised $900 dollars for this year’s fireworks.

A motion to adjourn was made by Leonard, second by Burger. Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned at 7:12 p.m.