Minutes – Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District

Regular Meeting

Thursday, November 16, 2017

6:30 pm

Lake Delhi Trustees Administration Building

Delhi, IA


The regular meeting of The Combined Lake Delhi Recreational Facility and Water Quality District was called to order by President Steve Leonard at 6:32 pm.

Trustees present: Leonard, Gifford, Staeblell, Burger, (Herman & Havertape by phone)

Trustees absent: Kramer

Visitors: Ed Schmidt, Dan Recker, Pat Paul, Larry Aschbrenner

Motion to approve agenda by Burger, second by Gifford. Motion carried.

Burger motioned to approve the October meeting minutes, Gifford seconded. Motion carried.

Leonard read the claims for payments. Claims in the amount of $24,423.56 for electricity, contracted services for dam operations, double doors for lower powerhouse, lobbyist expense, internet and phone service, copier contract, beach maintenance and dam supplies were presented from the General Fund. Gifford motioned to approve the claims for payments as read, Staebell seconded. Motion carried.

Leonard read the financial reports for October. The General Fund had revenues of $20,078.43 from Delaware County and interest and expenditures of $36,809.89, ending October at $1,841,328.20. The Debt Service Fund had revenues of $32,968.73 from Delaware County and expenditures of $221,728.58, ending October at $64,148.11. The Dam Improvement Fund remains at $10,000. The GO Bonding Account had refunding expenses of $68,675.00 ending October at $3,732.52. Gifford motioned to receive and file the financial reports, Staebell seconded. Motion carried

The Board discussed the possibility of paying down the LDRA dredge debt. Havertape said he was interested in finding out what our options are in terms of paying the debt in advance of the current debt schedule since the payments go up considerably toward the end of the payment schedule. Leonard stated that since this is the LDRA debt it would be necessary to visit with Dan Reyner, LDRA treasurer with regard to exploring options and that it would be the LDRA who would have to have conversations with the bank. Burger stated that the debt couldn’t be paid ahead of schedule until the “call provision” had been met. Burger made a motion to refer these questions to the finance committee and visit with both our attorney and the bonding attorney to make sure any decision made meets their approval. Gifford seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Committee updates:

Leonard spoke regarding dredging. He stated that the Dredge Committee had a good session with Bill Holman from Stanley Engineering. Bill is going to provide information regarding the borings near the Cedars and do a revised drawing of where a siltation trap would go by North Beach.

Leonard noted that Pat Colgan was unable to attend tonight but did provide the trustees with his dam operations update.

Gifford gave an update on the Wall of Recognition. He stated that he and Steve had met with both Jon Garton from the IDNR and Bill Holman from Stanley Engineering with regard to the placement of the wall. Once the DNR signs off on the design the next step would be to present to the trustees at an upcoming meeting for approval.

Public Comment:

Ed Schmidt questioned the invoices from Rotork. His concern was that we have a maintenance contract with them and yet the District has been billed for items that possible fall under the maintenance contract. Leonard stated he would verify with Pat Colgan regarding the invoices and have him touch base with Ed.

Pat Paul asked if there was a date set for dredging. Leonard said not at this time. He also stated that the Dredge Committee is still doing research on a various items that would have to be determined before any dredging could be done. Paul asked if there may be money from the DNR and/or State to help with the dredge expense. Leonard stated that the District will be lobbying for funds in the next legislative session.

Pat Paul also asked if the dam gates were adjusted when we had the last high water event. Leonard said that the District is held to specific requirements with the IDNR in regard to releasing water. He also mentioned that, unfortunately, even if there were no requirements from the IDNR, raising the gates to release water would have no impact on the upper portion of the lake because of all the restrictions with every curve of the river. He noted that in 2013 when there was no dam, people way upstream had high water levels and there was no dam holding any water back. Burger noted that the District has put in place an early warning system to help notify people in case of any concerning weather event.

Larry Aschbrenner asked why the District is putting money into the stop logs. Leonard stated that an issue came up and something was not done to the right specifications and it needed to be taken care of. Larry questioned the use of the stop logs and Leonard said they were always going to be used. Leonard suggested to Larry to visit with Pat Colgan about this as Pat has more details.

A motion to adjourn was made by Burger, second by Staebell. Motion carried.


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